Kaltura OTT Now

What is Kaltura OTT Now?

Kaltura OTT Now is the most comprehensive light-weight, end-to-end ‘OTT platform in a box’ from a single vendor. OTT Now includes a standardized set of functionalities to ensure a low price point and a fast time to market.

Download the OTT Now datasheet.

OTT Now Features & Benefits

Shortest time to market: OTT Now uses Kaltura’s widely deployed, modular OTT TV solution for a cost-effective entry point that incorporates all the functionality required to launch compelling OTT services in as little as two months.

Variety of business models: Leverage a variety of business models: subscriptions, transaction-based (including in-app purchasing), ad-funded and freemium.

Future proof your investment: Benefit from Kaltura’s OTT roadmap. OTT Now customers can continue to add functionality as new OTT services emerge in the industry.

Full range of services: The service includes applications for mobile, web and connected devices as well as live and VOD preparation; store and subscriber management; personalization (including targeted ads and content recommendations); content syndication, and a range of marketing tools.