Kaltura Video Extension for IBM Connections

What is the Kaltura Video Extension for IBM Connections?

Kaltura’s Video Extension for IBM Connections combines Kaltura’s market leading enterprise video platform with IBM’s leading social business software, into a seamless user experience that empowers employees with intuitive video tools to create, edit, search, publish, and watch videos directly from within IBM Connections. The video extension transforms IBM Connections communities, blogs, wikis, forums, profiles and activities into more interactive and response-provoking sites, resulting in improved employee engagement, productivity and increased adoption of social business software. At the same time the Kaltura extension provides peace of mind to IT with maximum security and scalability.


What are some typical use cases?

Today’s leading companies are seamlessly integrating advanced video capabilities into existing social platforms like IBM Connections in order to provide the optimal environment for social collaboration in the workplace and significantly boost engagement and knowledge sharing across the organization. Kaltura empowers your employees to publish and share video in places where video was not natively available until now. IBM Connections usage becomes so much more exciting when you add rich-media:

  • Collaboration and ideation: Employees showcase their work and ideas via a screen recording (with or without webcam) and collect team’s feedback for faster decision making
  • Sales enablement: Sales reps collaborate on customer opportunities, share best practices, and customer testimonials, using live and on-demand video, and access product videos online during customer presentations
  • Team collaboration: Publish searchable video recordings of the latest team meetings for team members to watch and comment on
  • Corporate communications: Executives and managers make announcements and convey effective messages to large global audiences using live and on-demand video
  • Training: Use video to train and onboard more employees and partners, faster, more cost effectively and with better results. Instructors can use IBM Connections blogs, forums, and activities to create interactive video-centric courses on the portal
  • Knowledge sharing: Employees can record knowledge videos, How-To tutorials, and success stories, via webcam or screen capture, to include in their blogs and wikis
  • Social networking: Employees can record a short video to publish on their user profile – a more authentic way to present themselves to the community than via photo and text
  • Promote company initiatives: promote company-wide initiatives and programs using “internal marketing” video campaigns, and simplify complex employee benefits booklets with the power of video
  • Help Desk and Support: use screen capture to explore and resolve software issues, store product, troubleshooting, and resolution best practices in a Help Desk video knowledge base

Key Features and Benefits

  • EGC (Employee Generated Content) tools: video upload, webcam capture, screen recording, mobile device capture for simple creation of video by any user directly within IBM Connections
  • Video everywhere: media can be reused and embedded with single-click within IBM Connections forums, wikis, activities, profiles, etc.
  • Community media galleries: searchable libraries of videos, with granular access control, moderation workflows, and roles (viewer, contributor, manager, moderator)
  • In Video Search: find what you are looking for and point to the exact location within the vid
  • Video editing: make videos more engaging and concise by editing them before publishing
  • Supports both live broadcast and on-demand recorded video
  • Customizable and brand-able video player: both looks and functionality
  • Optimal viewing experience on any device with automatic transcoding of uploaded videos and adaptive streaming
  • End-to-end security throughout the entire content life cycle
  • Superb playback quality: with scalable and reliable delivery that will not affect network /application performance
  • Solution available both on-premise, on the cloud, and hybrid models
  • Analytics and insights: who watched, which videos, how long, from which page, etc.)
  • Central media repository: upload once - publish anywhere (IBM Connections, LMS, CorporateTube, etc.) via “My Media”

Supports IBM Connections versions 3.01, 4.0, and 4.5