Kaltura MediaSpace Go™ Native Mobile App

What is the Kaltura MediaSpace Go™ Native Mobile App?

The Kaltura MediaSpace Go™ Mobile Apps for iOS and Android-based devices extend the features and workflows of our video portal to users on mobile devices. While on the go, users can easily watch video on their mobile devices in a state-of-the-art application combining native application experiences and MediaSpace rich media features.

Features and Benefits

MediaSpace on mobile

In addition to the wide-range of features that the Kaltura MediaSpace video portal includes, the Native Mobile App includes advanced features, such as:

  • Offline playback – allows users to download videos for watching offline on-the-go, on their mobile device
  • Branding options – 2 options available:
    • Branded app - Customized branding and optional App Store presence
    • Customized generic app - Allows you to customize part of the app, even without full branded app packaging
  • Unified Search – Delivers all matching results across media’s metadata, categories, channels, captions, and slides
  • Smart Banner – Manages the users’ experience between viewing content on mobile browser and the native application
  • “Inspiration” Workflows – Allows users to discover content based on their available time, in fun game-like experience.

MediaSpace on mobile

Sample Use Cases:

  • Enterprise use cases - Employees can easily watch training videos or recorded meetings and access business-critical videos anytime, anywhere, such as during their commute to work instead of during office hours.
  • Education use cases - Students can access digital material from the library while they are away or on the go, and even download learning videos and watch on the subway on offline mode.

Download the app today in the iTunes Store and Google Play.